Come into the world ZG Contract!


A young design, extremely topical.

Comfort and refinement, the ZG suites are all carefully decorated and furnished with taste.

A rich design of details and style.

The naturalness of the wood enhances the aesthetics of this room.

Hotel & Contract furnishing

The ZG Contract, internal division of ZG Group of Mosnigo della Battaglia, which has a valuable tradition in the furniture industry, specializes in the production of furnishing systems with modular elements for rooms and apartments to hotels , residences, bed & breakfast, accommodation and hospitality in general. The ZG Contract has helped build several hotels in Italy with 1500 sales outlets and 30 agencies, and also in the rest of Europe and the overseas countries like Venezuela.

Are you an architecture firm or an interior design?
ZG Contract has the project specifically designed for your construction contract.

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hotel and residence

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